Aldina ART

Aldina’s Art is a refined elaboration of reality seen through the eyes of a dreamer…Her paintings are particularly audacious in color schemes giving nature an idyllic and poetic life…Poetry is transmitted through reality and imagination...

I was born in Bijeljina (former Yugoslavia) in 1963. Already in 1975, as a young artist, I began winning the awards and earning honorable mentions from the critics. This was mainly due to the innate artistic predisposition that has been updated daily through the collaboration with my father, painter and founder of the art technique to print gobelins in the former Yugoslavia. The passion for the arts continues to grow even when I decided to undertake studies in medicine. From Belgrade, I moved to Italy in 1992. I have been graduated in Therapy and Rehabilitation in 2000 at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in Bari, and followed a two-year master in Rome earning the title "Counseling in the assisting relationship and expressive art techniques" in 2011. I live and work in Valenzano (Bari) Italy.

Recent Art Awards: International Award Capitolium 2014, Diploma Author, Rome, International Art Award - Castelli di Puglia, Art 74,2013, G.O.M.P.A. Award, For Peace in the World, Palermo IT, 2013 Honorary Parchment of The City of Auschwitz 2013, PL; Grand Prix Brussels, Seat of European Parliament, 2013 BE; Special Recognition of the City of Brussels, 2013, BE; The Painter of The Year Award, Florence, IT; International Art Award 2013 “Artist Between East and West”, Bari IT; Nomination “International Academician of Artistic Avant-Garde”, Palermo, IT 2012; Nomination “Ambasciatore dell’Arte del Mediterraneo“ Brindisi, IT 2010; Grand Prix International “Rembrandt 2010”; Accademia Gentilizia “ Il Marzocco”, Florence, IT; Martin Luther King – Human Rights Award, Lecce, IT 2009; Leonardo da Vinci International Art Award, Lecce, IT 2009; International Grand Prix Filippo Brunelleschi Between Art and History, Florence, IT 2009; Michelangelo Buonarroti Award 2008, Italia in Arte, Brindisi, IT; Città del Palio Award, classified 1st in Olirico Figurative Art 2008, Accademia Santa Sara, Siena, IT; 1st Prize in Figurative Art – Modern Art 2008 with Academic Honor, Alessandria, IT; Academic Merit, The Accademia Italiana “Gli Etruschi” with the International Award “Urbs Mundi”, IT; Four-Yearly Nobel Award in Art, European Artistic Acknowledgement, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2005