Alexandra Mekhanik


Born in October ‘78 in Moscow in the 4th generation of architectors and artists of my father’s family. As soon as my mother has been a teacher of English which opened to me the opportunity to see my passion for learning  foreign languages and traveling. Graduated as a Master of Technology and Designer of architectural spaces. Have been working as interior designer and decorator for 15 years. Having made public and private spaces in  different countries. Create and produce furniture, home textil, homewear, lingerie. Have been exhibiting and selling around the world my works such as painting, sketching on black background, photography of nature and people in a special way. This year my photo and art books as well as a book of poetry are going to be published in english-speaking countries.

Statement Artwork:

Monochrome. Minimalism. Elegance. Harmony. Unfinished phrase of the brush to give the opportunity to enlarge the viewers’ imagination.

Statement  Photography:

Harmonize the interior spaces of living and working, as public so as private ones, with the meaningful and colorful accents (photos)  and images - this aim of mine feeds my inspiration and motivation to catch the unique, hardly noticeable moments of any kind of life.