Amalia Padilla-Gregg

Born in Guatemala in 1957.Has a BFAwith honors from Florida International University.Lived in Miami, Florida for 24 years and went back to her country in the year 2,000.Was selected by Metro Dade Art in Public Places for the creation of a mural at The Center of Modern Languages in North Miami Florida in 1997.

This new art collection of contemporary paintings engulfed in movement having an organic theme inspired by mango and coffee plantations, has been carried out with a pencil and oil on canvas technique.  The environment is not real but symbolic depicting a garden like a paradise.Some of the works are presented in hexagonal frames which by themselves can change meaning depending on how the frames are hung, the collection is called PARSIMONIA, a synonym ofpeace, harmony and good life, values we want to disseminate to enable us to live in a better world, far away from corruption, hate and vengeance, a world in which spirituality reigns and fanaticism is absent. This collection represents the need of spirituality to have a better relationship with the world. They are painted with brilliant and happy colors probably influenced by the place in which they are elaborated, which is an art studio with open spaces and a big garden full of brightness and color. Reds, greens and yellows predominate in the paintings with some grays now and then. The elements are leaves, seeds, fruits and butterflies. The sculptures are organic forms done with materials like gres, bronze or resin.