Aneta Barglik

I was born in Wroclaw, Poland. I graduated from the Art Institute Academy Jana Długosza in Czestochowa, from the Easel Painting Department with prof. Marian Jarzemski as her mentor. My artworks radiate with an aching sense of passion and belief in the subjects, emotions and messages that I explore. I find balance between tangible and abstract things, For me, painting is a way of creating a dialogue with reality. My artworks are a play on space and depth, structure and fluidity. Colour is fundamental to my practice: every colour can convery an emotion,a desire a fear or a dream.Colour is that abstract space in which fantasy resides and finds creative energy.


2015-'NieOczywistość', Stacja Muranów, Warszawa (Poland)
2015-'Malarze 3', Galeria Konduktorownia ,Częstochowa (Poland)
2016-'Abstract Art', The Brick Lane Gallery, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain) 
2016- 'Abstract Art', 504 Gallery Room, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain)
2016- 'Rysunkarze', Galeria Konduktorownia, Częstochowa (Poland)
2016- 'Pomiędzy', Galeria Sztuk Wszelakich, MOK Kędzierzyn Kożle(Poland)
2017-'Yann Argentin ' Colorida Art Gallery, Lizbon, (Portugal)
2017-'Fragmenty Czasu' Nowy Świat Muzyki Warszawa (Poland)
2017- 'Malarze 5', Galeria Konduktorownia ,Częstochowa (Poland)