Angela Keller

Angela Keller followed an eclectic career as Palaeontologist, Analytical Psychotherapist and Painter in Switzerland and Italy; since 20 years she is entirely dedicated to her art work.

Angela Keller's paintings are dreamy, surreal, and lyrical in their fluctuation between fantasy and reality; wild animals, light elephants like feathers, "animalized moons" make her works pure imagination, taking on some real elements, such as the houses piled in the vertical view of the villages in Calabria, Southern Italy, where the artist currently lives and works.

  Angela Keller's surrealism is full of charm, exudes originality and personality, becoming a symbol of a new pictorial expression. The expressive capacity of the painter finds its utmost expression in works that tell of imaginative stories, where animals fly and the horizon is never straight. Visual and subjective reality bridges facts to imagination, developing into a playful and mysterious synthesis, capturing bystanders’ eyes and inviting them to an active role inside the painting and requesting their own interpretation for an open and lively exchange. 

Angela Keller awakens surreal visions with a hint of dreams and fantasy, while fluctuating between surrealism and symbolism. She never leaves out substantial and introspective aspects by inserting psychological and existential content to be unveiled and decoded through insightful awareness.

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