Anita Le Sech


Anita Le Sech was born and raised in the Channel Islands on the island of Jersey. Growing up in the Channel Islands Anita enjoyed the beach and countryside which has provided her with a free spirited character.
In 1990 Anita went travelling for a couple years to South East Asia and Australia. Spending time in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia she gained immense experience in the different cultures. Anita then moved to London where she spent the next 17 years learning and experimenting with art. Through her travels around the world, Anita was influenced by the colours and textures she saw which still influences her work to this day. 

Anita commenced painting when she purchased a Victorian House. With its high ceilings and wonderful charchter, Anita was intrigued to see what it would like with contemporary abstract art on the vast walls and it was there it all began. Admiration and encouragement from her friends Anita began exhibiting and selling her work almost immediately. 

Anita has always been interested in Contemporary Abstract art, with one of her strongest influences being Jackson Pollock. “I love how organised and yet chaotic his work is, it really opened my mind”. Anita has created a number of paintings and she has provided a number of commissions and exhibited her work in the UK, France, Portugal, Italy, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Jersey. Anita is mainly focusing on commission work where she is receiving a huge appreciation for her talent in providing the perfect match of desired colours and textures for commissioners that couldn’t be expressed in words for their space. This skill has brought Anita a lot of satisfaction and business. 

Overall Anita’s artwork attracts an array of people from all walks of life. Anita’s preference is large canvases, usually120cm x 150cm as she loves their large presence. She uses all types of paints from oils, acrylics to emulsion and she loves different textures and colour on her paintings. To achieve this, she uses cement, polyfila and other adhesives to create this affect. She also uses wood, stones and wax. Her paintings have been described as rather simple with an edge to being complicated colourful and mesmerising. 

Artist Statements

Anita Le Sech’s artwork makes huge statements! The large format abstract work along with the amazing display of lines, colour and texture is an artistic vision. To create these affects on canvas, Le Sech uses anything kind of material that is durable, such as stones, wood, adhesives, wax and cement which provides an array of textures on canvas. Le Sech’s powerful use of colour works well with her lines, thus producing paintings that are full of motion and energy which makes for very compelling art.  Le Sech pushes the boundaries of what can be produced on Canvas, providing the viewer a feast to look at.

One of her greatest influences is Jackson Pollock. “I love how organised and yet chaotic his work is, it really opened my mind.”  Le Sech’s work strikes a similar balance between order, chaos, simplicity and complexity which instantly bears the marks of that influence. 

Le Sech’s other influences come from her years of travelling around South East Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, with her vibrant colours and textures, there is a notable resemblance of these parts of the world.

Anita Le Sech grew up on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Based in the South of France Le Sech splits her time between the UK and Europe. Le Sech does many pieces on commission and her work has been exhibited all over the world.   

They are a must see. 


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