Anna Afzelius-Alm

Anna Afzelius-Alm’s paintings are expressionist, highly textural works that are stimulating and uplifting. Her technique involves a heavy use of the palette knife and tube to maintain the focus on color and texture. The resulting imagery of Anna’s creative process is vibrant and playful splash of energy. Anna was born in Minneapolis, USA in 1975, grew up in Germany and has lived in Switzerland, England, and China. Now, she works and lives in Sigtuna, Sweden. She is a self-taught artist who enjoyed the mentoring experience from Exile Professor Shahab Mousavizadeh from Teheran University of Arts during her young, formative years in Bonn, Germany. Anna has been featured in the Emboss Magazine and a few Swedish Magazines, showcasing her work. She has exhibited work in Stockholm, Malmö, Berlin, NYC, Miami and Shanghai. 

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