Annette Johnnerfelt


Annette Johnnerfelt is Swedish but lives in Brighton England. She has always had a passion for creating sculptures. She graduated with a bachelor degree in social science and worked in the financial sector. During evening courses she continued her interest for art. When the family moved to USA she joined ceramic classes at Fireborn Studios in Pittsburgh, PA, and when they continued to Japan she studied ceramic art at Yamate Tougei in Tokyo. At Morley College London she has recently studied the art of making portraits from live models. Now she focuses on sculptures in a material she learned to love. 

Annette have participated in exhibitions in different parts of Sweden and in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Bologna, Brussels, Wien, Tokyo, Yokohama and New York. 

Member of, Swedish Artists Association, Visual Arts Copyright Society, International Sculpture Centre and Sculpture Network.

Description of the work

The structure has natural differences and hand build evidences are preserved in the dark stoneware. The material is fired for a very long time and covered with transparent glass. During her years in Japan she experienced her mentor’s sense of the material and his facilities unaffected by Western thinking. Today her work expresses an exciting balance between Japanese traditions and Western-mindset. 

Artist statement

Annette’s sculptures are linked to the individual in the society, she tries to bring a reflection and recognition about social networking. Social networking creates a connection both between people and cultures. But the body language is missing which means a big part of every human’s daily life experience. Body language is so much more than words. It is to understand the communication by interpret eye contact, tone of voice, movements and touching.  

The sculptures express a moment in daily life encounters. By self-fill the empty spaces, catch the flow of emotions and feel the power the viewer creates the role of human relationships in his or her own life.    


Instagram: @johnnerfelt_sculpture