Annika van Belkom

 Annika van Belkom(born 1954 in Söderhamn, Sweden)


I have chosen copper graphics to express myself because the graphic technique in itself requires both discipline, scills in different techniques and craftsmanship, but above all provides an opportunity to laborate and experiment in various forms.  Paperlitho is one of the techniques suitable for more spontaneous forms of expression combined with more traditional graphic techniques.  I also make artist books because I like to work with the interaction between image, text and form.

My image motifs are sprung out of interest for nature and existential questions but also from the children literary field such as the passed down ancient oral tradition in where one can find many archetypes of various kinds. Here is the trickster figure with its threshold position important. 

Art education:

Rijksakademie, graphic department, Amsterdam, Holland    1980-1983

S:t Joost akademie of art, graphic department, Breda, Holland    1981-1982

Other studies:

Studies in literature, ethnology and cultural management,

University of Lund, Sweden,     2005-2010

MA in Literature, specialized in children literature    

University of Lund, Sweden    2010

A selection of group exhibitions:

Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, Holland    1983

Galleri Wallner, groupexhibition “Mini”, Malmö, Sweden    1984

“Artistbooks” group exhibition, Den Haag, Holland    1987

Karlskrona Konsthall, Karlskrona, Sweden    1988

Skånes Konstförenings Höstsalong, Malmö, Sweden    1993

”Malmö kulturstad”, groupexhibition, Sweden    1994

Library of Arlöv, groupexhibition, Burlöv, Sweden    2006

Grafik i Väst, new members, Göteborg, Sweden    2014

Ny Grafik 2014, Husby Konsthall, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden    2014

Krapperups Konsthall, Kullasalongen, Höganäs, Sweden    2015

Krapperups Konsthall, Kullasalongen, Höganäs, Sweden    2016

Marziart International galerie, Hamburg, Tyskland    2017    

Solo exhibitions:

Galleri Wallner, Malmö, Sweden    1984

Galleri Loftet, Trelleborg, Sweden    2014

        Represented at : Malmö Museum,  Malmö County Council, Kristianstads County Council

Umeå Municipal Council                     

Public artat General Hospital, Malmö    1985


The Swedish Art Grants Committee    1984


BUS (The visual Copyright Society in Sweden),   Grafik i Väst (GiV)  and 

Grafiska Sällskapet (The Swedish Printmakers Association). KKV Grafik, Malmö