Anton Winzer

My outstanding talent for drawing and painting was already recognised during my years at primary school in Liefering (oldest existing work from 1968).

1969 - 1973: attended art classes with Herbert Stejskal at the Werkschulheim Felbertal (technical vocational high school ) in Ebenau near Salzburg.

1973: the opportunity of a grant for participation in the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts was rejected by my parents.

1979: together with artists Kurt Baumfeld and Wilhelm Lukarsch, I joined an artists' communeon La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain. Influenced by the works of Piet Mondrian, Jean Miró and Dadaism, I produced splatter-screen and encaustic paintings, watercolours, and charcoal and pencil drawings. I also handcrafted objects (jewellery, belts, bags) for street trading.

1982: self-taught photography (mainly b/w) and dark-room developing in Salzburg; began writing poems.

1985: recognition award in the Salzburg Arbeiterkammer [chamber of labour] photography competition entitled Arbeit und Freizeit [work and leisure] 

1989: freelance press photographer for the Salzburger Tagblatt newspaper until its discontinuation in 1990.

1991/92: photography exhibitions in Salzburg (Central office of the CA Bank, Andräplatz, Salzburg) and in Munich (Theater am Karlshof) on the theme of Wasser und Fels [water and rock]

1992: photograph published in the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper on the theme of Heimat ist...[home is...] was included in a collective exhibition on the same theme at the Austrian Photography Museum in Bad Ischl.

1992: photography exhibition at a furniture showroom (Ziegeleistrasse, Salzburg) on the theme of Wasser und Fels [water and rock]

1992: photographs commissioned by Studio X advertising agency, Salzburg, for the anniversary of the Salzburg waterworks.

1993/94: photographsfor the BWT company in Mondsee, on the theme of water

1994 – 1998: designed posters using computer graphics for several events held in the market town of Mondsee

1996 - 2013: travel photography in Venezuela, Cuba, India and Nepal

2009: created several acrylic works in collaboration with mouth-painter Farshad Pezeshki

2015 -: acrylic paintings on canvas; photographs with blur effect; further photographs on the theme of water


Professional situation:

After extended sick leave (2014/2015) due to exhausting work in outpatient care (personal assistance for people withdisability, family support services and housekeeping), in November 2015 I decided to live and work exclusively as a freelance artist (painting, photography, digital art). I am currently receiving a pension until May 2017.




- Further developing blur effect as a means of pictorial design 

- Extending my photography portfolio Dirt-Art 

- Expanding my photography portfolio Water 

- elaborating through photography and digital on the theme ‘dissolution and impermanence’

- pushing the borders between painting and photography and digital art and dissolve them

- studies on the work of Piet Mondrian and develop them further with nowadays tools and abilities

- streetphotography at it’s very meaning



– Project for three to four paintings following a 2015 large-scale self-portrait entitled Depression, tending towards abstraction. Documentation of a development.

- Project over one year, in collaboration with a colleague, for individual interpretations of agreed monthly themes.


- Develop a concept for a light and sound project Krimmler Wasserfälle [Krimml Waterfalls]. This could evolve into an annual event in the Pinzgau region, providing it with economic support .