April Hammock

Far to near. Primal, and forthcoming. My personal interpretation of differences and similarities in natural order; the ties that can bind things together and the entities that can break them apart. The nature of wholeness. 

Automatism inspired by random thoughts on how things appear to work in contrast to their true nature. 

Forms unite, block, divide and reveal new spaces. The chaotic, yet beautiful South Louisiana environments play a role in inspiring these series of works.
Raw, real, and concrete; constant interruption by time. 

Painting fills the void which life haunts. 


April received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from Louisiana State University. April is a recognized artist who has exhibited work nationally and internationally. Her work is in public and private collections and has been included in local, national and international publications. 

Recently her work has been exhibited at the Centre d'art Contemporain, Metz, France; The Painting Center; and JanKossen Contemporary hosted by Art Ponte in New York City. Recent publications include Studio Visit Magazine Volume 36. 

April was born in 1974 in a small town in Georgia, United States. At a young age of four she and her parents moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. The unique, rich artistic culture of New Orleans along with the beautiful Louisiana landscapes were influential factors that lured her into pursuing a lifelong career as an artist.

April rekindled her connection to nature during her stay at Sedona Art Residency in the summer of 2016. The bright, iridescent colors of the sky and the dreamlike, painted desert were stark contrasts to the lush, animated swamps of Louisiana where she grew up. Throughout mid to late 2016, April did a series of abstractions that echoed her experiences with the fantastical Arizona terrain. 

A strong advocate for the Visual and Performing Arts in Education, April has taught at Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Southeastern Louisiana University. She is an Instructor for The Gifted and Talented Program for exceptionally advanced visual arts students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she lives with her husband, who is a writer. Her primary choices of media are acrylic and oil painting. Additional works include drawings, watercolors, mixed media and digital prints.