Astrid Stöppel

Astrid Stöppel is a contemporary artist born and based in Germany with a passion for bright pure colors and geometric shapes. Astrid’s works are a part of many private collections in New York, Washington, NewJersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Hollywood, the UK, France, Spain, Austria and Germany. 

Stöppel was born on the 7th of June 1974 in Weilheim, Germany. After her studies in biology and human genetics in Munich she decided to enter in the own family business, a store with books, stationery and art supplies located in Weilheim. Working there requires a lot of time, creativity and passion, but she really loves this job until now. The different colors and the white, large canvases, which she daily sold in her shop, attracted her in a magical way. She finished her first large abstract artworks. 

Her first exhibitions (2012) took place in the store rooms and shop windows there with great success. The first step into the online art world was the creating of a blog and a Facebook page named Endkreativ. In 2014 Astrid Stöppel designed her own professional homepage, created various social media profiles and became a member of various online galleries and art blogs. Now she gets invitations to national and international group or solo exhibitions as well as art fairs and art events. Also she has been nominated for several art awards. 

Astrid has experimented with several mediums, such as oil pigment sticks, watercolor, spray paint and ink, but acrylics tend to her most preferred medium. The last years she worked on two very different styles. The different series with acrylic colors „colorful acrylics“, „no colors“ and „famous colors“ are painted on large canvases - bright and powerful colors or sometimes softer ones - on a white or black background in different geometric shapes like lines, dots and color fields. The other series „fluid acrylics" is very emotional. With a special technique on paper the colors merge - sometimes more, sometimes less - and harmonize on their own way. Two series, one artist...soft and full of feeling on the one hand but straight, powerful and passionate on the other. 

In 2018 she focused her work on the very unique series “Colorful acrylics“. After two very successful solo shows in Germany and an amazing artfair in Brooklyn/New York her colorful creativity is enormous. Now her work is listed on Artsy and she signed for Art Basel Miami 2018. 

Astrid believes: „If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!“