Bahar Oskay

Oskay in her early paintings rendered works of the great artists of the modern arts while studying the popular culture. As she rendered works of artists in a wide range from Mondrian to Matisse, from Picasso to Gauguin in her distinctive style, she has brought forward the popular art with a view unique to her. In the following period, US Dollars has been another theme she focused on. This originated from the curiosity on what awareness the popular images create in contemporary life and how they evolve into art work in one-to-one interaction. Just as Warhol presented Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s soups and Coca Cola brand to the audience as repeating images, Oskay touches on this awareness with US dollars and with the popular series of images composed of amorphous forms she produced right after.  In her late works, she adopts the influence of the artists she rendered and a hybrid conception of arts generated on multiple interactions. Influenced by styles of many artists such as Picasso’s forms, Matisse’s colors, Miro’s rhythm and Kandinsky’s geometric forms, Oskay hints this interaction in her works in a unique way. Action and reaction are inevitable in arts. These actions and reactions are of great importance for the advancement of art. For Oskay, foreseeing the future art is only possible by ascertaining the coordinates and junction points set by the artists who have shaped the arts, and defining a new route on this track.