Becca Steels

Becca Steels – Hargreaves

York (UK) Based Abstract and contemporary artist

I want the viewer to absorb themselves within each piece and decide for themselves what they feel it means, they are my experiences but to others it is an open book. There are no labelled meanings for each piece, as I feel it is important to stir people’s curiosity and allow expressionism from their subconscious to be released to the foreground of their minds. Art is a physical manifestation of the mind and therefore highlights the significance of abstract art. 

Although my academic studies, that include; a Diploma in Art and Design, and an Honours degree in Graphic Design, have given me the baseline for the skills I use within my art, most of the techniques and mark making I use were self-taught. 

My underlying thought determines which colours and shapes I use; each piece also has an element of the unknown within it. The art tells the viewer something about myself that I am unaware and would never show externally. The idea of each piece is to go beyond the outer-shell that everyone has to protect themselves from the eyes of others. 

With influences as diverse as Helen Frankenthaler, Albert Irvin and Jackson Pollock to name a few, new variations are synthesised from both traditional and modern textures.

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