Bibiana Martínez Marquez

Bibiana Martinez has developed a technique inscribed in the frontiers of the collage. The recollection of miniatures, metals, jewels, rhinestones, and an endless number of elements in apparent disuse, started to get involved with her drawings in the assembly of dynamic pieces of art, thus leading to a sensation of wavelength that creates subatomic movement on the pieces. Some built on canvas and some 3D scenarios.

Her artwork is a constant expression of an inspirational process that overcomes any philosophical resources. The iconographic subjects in the pieces of the series “Entrega de Armas” -Arms Hand Out-, stand under the role of strength in a game between the simplity of the concept and the power they transmit. A deliberate recontextualisation that is far from humanizing the weapons, but proposes to transpose the signifiers subscribed in the social imaginary. The pieces are meticulously conceived in a process of preciousness and configuration. The weapons are the source where the sublime sprout. Arms emblazoned to be absolved by the real possibility of peace. Pieces that release the concept of war and violence constantly present in colombian’s history.

In the series “scenarios” the artist stages situations in small format boxes. Shaped and scenically acquiesced, the characters and elements meddle in dreamy scenes related to human behavior and technology. Built by assembling miniature objects and props that evolve to a particular atmosphere and an intuitive sentiment.

Estefania Sokoloff, Curator:

“Experimenting everyday the unexpected effects in staging these situations and giving new meaning to things is an important part in defining me as an artist. My life is desiphering my plastic language. Painting is my passion”



Instagram: @bibianamarart