Bimbi Larraburu

Since I started painting I found the way to represent on the canvas imaginary worlds that are inside me, creating universes through which I live my art. The white canvas in itself is not a challenge for me. I use colors as a means to express my feelings. That is why I first select the colors and randomly apply them onto the canvas causing a chaotic visual effect that is my starting point to find, choose and order the elements that will give form to my artwork. The moment when sensations and actions come into a harmony marks the magic instant in which my piece acquires its identity. I do not look for specific images or subjects to describe. Sometimes, hidden characters or situations suddenly appear on the canvas. Other times, it is simply an attractive and provocative apocalyptic atmosphere that shows up before me. Regardless, the result is always an abstract piece of art where energy, emotions and colors reflect the creation of my runaway hands while playing with expression. 

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My nationality is Argentina. I live and I work in Buenos Aires.

Since I was very young I have been interested in the arts and played with all the materials that were available to me. Thus, when I finished high school I began the career of Advertising, which later in 1994 I switched to Architecture. But I found out my expression tools in 2004, when I started to paint, taking a course with Heriberto Zorrilla, founder of pictorical movement "Esencialismo" (Essentialism), and a well known local abstract painter.

I have been part many exhibitions and publications, both individually and collectively, exhibiting my work with my teachers and other disciples of the movement in universities, cultural centers, museums and private galleries in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

I have taken several courses in many different places since then, including some in NYC. But most of my influence comes from the school of Heriberto.

I have obtained a mention in the House Carnacini Cultural Center in 2012.

My artwork has been sold to various countries such as England, Mexico, Israel, Francia, USA, Australia, Chile, Spain and, obviously, Argentina. In 2014 I was selected to be part of the book "Los senderos del arte argentino" which displays a selection of the local artistic landscape both well known (such as Marta Minujin, Marino Santamaria, Milo Locket, etc.) and emerging. 

My work starts by choosing the colors that I place on the blank canvas randomly without any previous plan. Then, I select, prioritize and give order to what my hand have previously decided. The process of selecting and highlighting, adding details and layers goes on an on until, at a certain moment, the artwork start to come alive.

The very essence of the movement I belong to is not to work with any concept or idea. The theme is not having a theme, but an expression coming from the inner feelings of the artist, avoiding any automatism that may be created by the brain or the habit. However, my personal approach is that during the development of the picture I start to follow ideas that just appear in front of me. That moment of revelation is when I find both a concept and a name for my artwork. I have to admit that usually, I find apocalyptic images to be my inspiration. I also find inspiration in local rock band songs, whose titles I very often use to name my pictures (i.e. Kamikaze, from Luis Alberto Spinetta, Profugos, from Soda Stereo).

Since I started to paint everything to become kinder and more beautiful. But the anguish that accompanies my creation has never disappeared . My job is a charming hell.



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