Carolina Nuñez Bussolini

She was born in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires-Argentina. Since her childhood she felt attracted by painting and art. She took painting and drawing classes at the cultural house Miguel Carlos Victorica. Later, she also learned about alternative medicines such as Reiki, gem therapy and shamanism since she felt the desire for knowledge of herself and her environment. In her constant search for learning more about art, she studied architecture for two years, then she received a public and institutional relationship degree at UADE University.

As it was not enough for her, she returned to her first and unique love: art. The passion for painting and the need for expressing herself was very strong and could not be ignored. So, she started by paintings her first 70 artworks using small canvas and feeling free by creating abstracts paintings. In 2017 she created @artcncuadros, which gave her the opportunity of being active in several social networks. In the latest years, she had chosen to work on bigger canvas, using oil and acrylic and she included metallic and fluo colors. She is always looking for new ways of expression, such as dripping techniques. She has already been invited to participate in several international galleries and exhibitions. In the present, her art  has been exhibited in the Argentine art circuit. She has already participated during 2018 in more than 14 exhibitions becoming the only Argentinean finalist in the 2018 Dubai Global Art Awards.

She has worked very hard but there is much more to come.

 Artist Statement

 A white new canvas, a surface with a lot of possibilities, a place where I can express myself with pure freedom. When the moment of creation arrives there are no bounds for borders. In every spontaneous, unrepeatable stroke of my brushes, I create a magical and special world that only exists in my mind and in my soul. Sometimes I feel that the colors indicate the path to me then I give shape to the final work.  I paint with passion, I create with love, I want to share my art with people.


Instagram:  @artcncuadros