Throughout her life, C.A.T. (Chaos and Thread) has been exploring her artistic side.  Her love for fine art has always been a constant in her life.  C.A.T.s' practice has evolved over time from illustration to often pure abstraction, driving her need for self-expression without the constraints of reality. 

C.A.T. is interested in visually exploring the inner rooms of our minds that hold our most private meditations, dark and light.  The concept that shadow energies exist internally, influences C.A.T.s' artwork which takes her on a journey to understand the essence of self.  Carl Jung's statement "I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole"., is influential in C.A.T.'s investigations.

Appealing to both the need for limitless spontaneity coupled with some sense of order, C.A.T.'s process is her enabler to freedom.  C.A.T.'s paintwork embodies a fabric like quality as it is removed from one surface to another and hand-stitched and/or adhered into place.  Loose, organic paintwork is brought into order by meditative thread-work.    The simple square as a visual reference to the esoteric shadow self is often found in her work.  A feeling of safety and security is mentally and visually felt as areas of paintwork are covered and/or completely boxed in with thread.  The uninhibited is left exposed, while the esoteric is hidden away. 

In recent times C.A.T. has been exploring female sexuality and emotional vulnerability within the confines of her already established process.  Self-portraiture as a pictorial representation revealing and unveiling positive and negative emotions is being examined.  Anais Nins' writings and musings are influential to this new body of work.  "Passion gives me momentary wholeness", (Anais Nin)., is often a starting point for these new artworks.

C.A.T. creates out of her studio in Auckland, New Zealand.  Living in close proximity to the city but with easy access to New Zealand's beautiful beaches and native bush, provides C.A.T. with the necessary juxtaposition of relaxation and stimulation.

Website: www.chaosandthread.com

Instagram - @chaosandthread

Facebook - Chaos and Thread - CAT