Catarina Hjort Tolstoy

My name is Catarina and born in 1962. I´m a teacher and an artist. I graduated from university of gymnastics and sports in Stockholm in 1984 and have been teaching physical education since then, later I got a diploma to teach Art. I have been painting my entire life mostly watercolors an acrylics on canvas. 

Since 2009 I´ve really gone public and participated in exhibitions and Art Expo´s . 

Now I teach ART and P.E. My life is training and painting. I live in a skiarea, Sälen in the Scandinavian Mountains close to the Norwegian border in the county of Dalarna. Dalarna is the home of the wooden carved horse that also is a national symbol from Sweden. I´ve taken that horse and made it into my very own. Since a large amount of people come to the skiarea every week, my paintings have been very popular and written about in magazines.I´m represented in the library and also in many restaurants and cafés. A gallerist saw my paintings in the internet and has taken me to several exhibitions.

Instagram: @hjortisalen

FB:  FB Hjort I Sälen