Cecilia Granata


Cecilia Granata was born in Verona, Italy in 1983. She eventually moved to New York, where in 2007 she earned a BFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts. Her artistic path developed through the pictorial and illustrative experience, working as a freelance for editorial publications and beginning to show her pieces in galleries. In 2010 Cecilia moved back to Italy, where she explored another media and became a professional tattoo artist, collaborating with many studios between Italy and the USA. She never abandoned her fine arts production, which in 2011 brought one of her painting to be shown at the Venice Biennal. Cecilia lives in California with her husband, where she continues to tattoo and illustrate; her first book, Mama Tried, was published in 2016 by Microcosm Publishing. She is currently earning her MA in Illustration with a focus on Children’s Books. Her pieces have been published and shown in many galleries and museums internationally. 


Because I mainly work as an illustrator, the content of my work is mostly derived from specific requests.
My process is strictly rational. It usually builds around the concept and finds ways to weave visual hints around the main idea, in order to reinforce it. I rely on an eclectic range of interests to trace connections and cross references that empower the storytelling within a single image, adding layers of meaning and possibilities of interpretation. I enjoy work that has educational impact and promotes powerful messages, from respecting animals to cherishing diversity. 

I value art as a powerful tool that inspires reflection and supports critical thinking within the frame of a beautiful experience.
My style alludes to the richness of Renaissance’s details but parades a pop attitude. 

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IG: cecilia.granata

FB: Cecilia Granata Illustration

Tumbrl:  https://ceciliagranata.tumblr.com