Charlotte Pann

Central objective of Charlotte Pann ́s work is a deeper focus on the dimension of space and the phenomenon of relation as a base for and as a result of spatial constellation. The question for the quality and the variability of the surrounding space as a source of information as well as a medium of information, i.e. the alleged “nothing” in which proximity and distance, separation and connection are being shaped and dynamised, is the driving force of her artistic production. Pann, focusing on the potential of this space “in between”, aspires after creating positions that communicate interconnectedness, that should encourage response and that challenge points of view as well as the way of looking at things - positions that want to bring about a stimulus for constructive action. 

Charlotte Pann, born in 1990 in Salzburg (Austria), based in Vienna, studied from 2008 to 2014 fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (department graphic arts and printmaking techniques) - where she earned her master ́s degree of art - and at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London (3D-Pathway). 


Instagram: @charlotte_pann