Chrys Roboras

Chrys Roboras is an artist of realistic figures with semi-abstract landscapes.
Born and raised in Australia, her artistic views are shaped by the dissimilar Australian and Greek cultures, amalgamated, embedded in her subconscious. Her father hoped that  "one day we would return to Greece" , stories about how close the skies are "there" to a human being , the place where the old gods used to live, and the enormous, empty and open Australian landscape led to feeling of displacement, now representing in the body of her paintings and shaping her beliefs.
"It is important to recognize the natural need of a human being to find a place to belong to, a place where one can find peace"
Her love of the landscape and solitary figures has been influenced by the Romantic period of the 1800's and by of works of Caspar David Friedrich and William Turner to mention but a few.
Her artistic journey takes one from the initial 'No Man's Land" nomadic motif series, with enormous landscapes and people trying to find their place, to 'In Man's Land'  where a sense of belonging, acceptance, without insecurities of contemplation and doubt can be detected.
With the passage of time, Chrys' understanding of the world slowly changes, and it seems that the sense of displacement is fading away.
Her latest endeavor is portraits and the personality behind them.

- Certificate in Fine Arts at the Seaforth Tafe College, Sydney Australia

- Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Fine Arts and Technology Middlesex University-England, (Athens Campus) 2008.

- Studied painting with Tasos Missouras, Greece

- Studied visual communication with Nikos Navridis and Katerina Apostalidou, Greece

Artistic Related Activities

Graduation Exhibit
- 2008 Exhibition at the college of AKTO

Solo exhibitions

-2018 “Transcendental realities” Myro Gallery Thessaloniki Greece

­-2018 “Transcendental realities” Rivabella Art Gallery Lugano Switzerland

-2018 Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair Toronto Canada

-2017 Clio Art Fair New York

-2017 Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair Toronto Canada

-2016 Nothing remains the same Gallery7 Athens

- 2013 "In Man's Land" at Gallery 7, Kolonaki Athens, Greece  

- 2012   Parallax Art Fair, London UK.

- 2011 "In Man's Land" at the Icosahedron Gallery, New York

- 2010 "No Man's Land" Kaplanon5 Gallery, Athens ,Greece
- 2009 "No Man's Land" at the Apothiki Art Gallery Kastro, Parikia, Paros, Cyclades, Greece

Group Exhibitions

2018 ArtBox project New York 1.0

2017 Surprise VIII ArtAz Athens Greece

2017 Concept Gallery Spetses Greece

2017 Art Basel 1.0 Art Box Projects

2017 International Artist Award X-Power Gallery Taipei Taiwan

2017 X-Power Gallery, Art Revolution Contemporary Art Fair, Taipei Taiwan
2017 Galeria Arte Borgo Rome

2017 La Dame Gallery London

2016 Ashoka Greece Los Angeles USA

2016 La Dame Gallery London 

2016 La Dame Gallery London (2)

2016 Bal Project 2016

2016 Figurative May 1-31st Urban Riche Gallery 

2016 "2016 January All Paintings exhibition" Contemporary Art Gallery Online

2016 "Surprise 7" ArtAz Athens

2015 "2015 January All Paintings exhibition" Contemporary Art Gallery Online

2015 ArtAz "Surprise 6" special edition, Ennia Gallery Athens

2015 ArtLinks Wishes, Gallery 7 Kolonaki Athens

2015 Project Sidetracked 9 Beaufort, Agios Athanassios Art Center Naousa Paros

2015 Art Takes Paris. Louvre Paris with See Me

2015 Ars Longa Vita Brevis Gallery Open Case 303 Athens

2014 "I heart Caprice" M art space, Kolonaki Athens

2014 ArtAz "Surprise 5" special edition at Romantso, Athens 

2014 "I heart Caprice" El Greco exhibition center, Volos Greece

2014 ArtAthina with Gallery7 Athens Greece

2014 SeeMetakeover Times Square NYC

2014 2014 Project Berlin, Berlin Germany

2014 ArtLinks2014 Athens Greece

2014 Scope Art Fair Miami "Art Takes Miami" with SeeMe

2013 Story of the creative SeeMe NYC

2013 Scope Art Fair Miami, "Art takes Miami" with SeeMe

2012 Exhibited at the Parallax Art Fair, London UK.

2012 DAKAR ARTS "International Dakar Visuals Arts Festival 2012" Senegal, West Africa

2012 "International Contemporary Masters" at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Nevada, Las Vegas

2012 'The Coaster Project, Destination: The World'. Toronto's Culture Works Festival,' part of the BIG on Bloor Festival. Toronto Canada.

2012 "Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012" Santorini, Cyclades, Greece

2012 "5th Beijing International Art Biennale," Beijing, China

2012 ArtAz, "Surprise 4" & Spectrum exhibition at "Kostis Palamas Hall", Technopolis, City of Athens, Athens

2012 Scope Art Fair Miami, "Art takes Miami" with Artist Wanted

2011 "Here Now" International Art Exhibit at the Museum Castello di Estense, Ferrara Italy

2011 "Color" Anata Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2011 "Identity" Festival Gnafala, Museum Soufli, Greece

2011 " Art Kudos international exhibition" 

2011 Biennale of Chianciano, at the Chianciano Art Museum, Tuscany, Italy

2011  with artAz, "Surprise 3" Nikos 

2010 "The Odyssey Within" Agora Gallery, New York

2010  Art Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair, Faliro Pavilion, (TaeKwonDo) Athens

2010 "2010 Taipei International Art Exhibition", X - Power Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan

2010 "Antidaneio" (re borrow) at The Aegean Center of Fine Arts, Parikia Paros, Cyclades, Greece

2010 "Unwrap your mind" Gallery That, Hong Kong

2010 X-Power gallery at Revolution Art Fair, Taipei City Taiwan

2010 "From The Dust" Icosahedron Gallery, New York

2010 "Conventional Wisdom" Icosahedron Gallery, New York