Cristina Getson

Born in Romania, raised in Canada,

Cristina Getson holds a degree in engineering and has been an abstract painter for over 10 years.

She takes the shapes, colours, textures, and perceptions found in nature and expresses them through painting, leaving edges exposed, so the observer can find the traces of creation left behind by the work.

Striving to achieve a state of non-self-consciousness in painting, Cristina is investigating boundaries - real and imagined, physical and psychological. Using acrylic paints, she plays with the fluidity of shapes and textures, and explores abstraction and movement through interacting forms, lines, and the blurring of boundaries. The processes of layering, scraping, diluting, staining and fragmenting ultimately lead to the discovery of brilliant and unexpected patterns. How does one achieve non-self-consciousness in painting? By having the confidence to give up a measure of control, and trusting the painting to show you where it wants to go.

Current inspiration comes from Abstract Expressionists such as de Kooning, Gorky, and Joan Mitchell, as well as contemporary artists such as Cecily Brown, Peter Doig, and fellow Canadian John Brown.

“[Painting] is like riding a bicycle with no hands. I am in it. I am not there anymore. It is a state of non-self-consciousness.”- Joan Mitchell