Da Vynci

Hi I'm Davy aka Da Vynci . I'm thirty and originally from a small town in Belgium , Liege.

I began photography in 2012 with a self-educated approach after my studies in a school of art (training of advertising executive/copywriter).

I'm not looking to have or make THE perfect photo but to reflect, pass and feel an emotion to the viewer. 

Sometimes just see the world around in a different way.

My main artworks speak about a "lost world". This one speak about p lace removed , removed object, isolated from the modern world and the rest of humanity, in a protected enclave of history. Which brings us to a certain glory and nostalgia for the past and makes us think about some excesses and errors of the modern world.

Contact details: 

Website: www.davynci.be

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DaVynci-185002204730

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Da_Vynci

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/davynci_by_pubsdeluxe/albums