Daniel McKinley


Orange Coast Community College , Costa Mesa, California. 

                 School Of Visual Arts , NYC.


Agora Gallery, NYC.   2005, 2006

                   Florence Biennale       2007

                   Erenus Gallery  Istanbul, Turkey 2008

                   Windows Gallery NYC.   2008

                   Broadway Gallery NYC.  2007, 2008

                   Amsterdam Gallery NYC.  2009

                   A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery NYC. 20012 - 20013

                   Dublin Biennial.   2012

                   Beijing International Art Expo   2013

                   NY Art Expo w/ Artifact Gallery.  2014, 2015

                   NY Art Expo w/Art Nation.    2016

                   NY Art Expo w/ Mecenavie Gallery Paris.  2015

                   Miami Spectrum w/ Meceneavie Gallery. Paris. 2015

                   Salon des Beaux Artists , Carrousel du Louvre.  2013, 2015,2017

                   Artsiste du Monde  Cannes    2015

                   Contempories at Uffiti , Florence.   2016

                   Art Takes Manhattan.  2017

Artist Statement: 

     I do not wish to be like any other

I cannot imagine one thinking the way that I do

There is no mold that I will fit

My work is seeing the world 

Through my eyes

What I try to accomplish 

Is to give the viewer 

A way of looking 

From a different vantage.

We often look 

And take things for granted 

My wish 

Take a look

And come to a conclusion 

Think about what you are seeing 

There is always more.

Email: dnlmckinley@gmail.com