Debbee Lotito

Detroit artist, Debbee Lotito, works in an array of mixed media including acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, and digital art. Lotito's consistently stunning works on paper fuse a subtle minimalism with organic figuration and translucent, bleeding waves of color. Her works are a blend of whimsical fauvism and figurative expressionism and engage the viewer via a willful and imaginary reservoir. 

Artist statement

I work in a variety of media, not limiting myself through choice of materials but using whatever is appropriate to convey the raw, authentic result I have in mind.  Allegory is important to my work, as my creations are abound with images culled from the fantastical realm of imagination. This allows me to approach a wide range of subjects in a multi-layered way. My daily experiences, the personal trials of my past, and my direct environment all have a part to play in my work. The use of line and bright color is crucial to convey the raw emotion of each work.