Diana Whiley

Diana completed courses in oils, art and design then spent more than ten years involved in Community Art and Writing Projects. Pen and ink become her favourite medium before she turned to digital art to create art for her fantasy novellas. She then expanded into fine arts and illustration.  At this time she is represented by Art Fusion Galleries in Miami US and has won various art awards on-line as well as appeared in international art magazines and books. 

She lived much of her childhood on a farm near red-orange hills and green-brown river.  Her memories are triggered by its many sights and sounds; the taste of the wind.  

Her themes revolve around nature, time and place. She likes to portray how it affects our psyche and transforms us, mind and body. It’s why she often turns first to portraits as she explores the perspective of identity and place. Colour dominates mood. She hopes to create a sense of intimacy.

She loves the rituals associated with other cultures, music and dance, and nature’s hand as myths emerge. Currently she is reinventing the nine Muses of Greek Mythology. 

Web site: www.dianakwhiley.weebly.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dizwhi/

Email: dizwhiley@hotmail.com