Dina Nashif

Dina is a rising artist based out of Dubai who holds a Jordanian nationality. Since an early age, she has been drawing and sketching and indulging in her hobby between corporate jobs. She has recently shifted her focus from the corporate sphere to pursue her dream of artistic expression. As a self-taught artist, Dina tries to avoid labels and lets time and experience lead her to inspiration and creation. Her paintings and drawings form pieces that depict spontaneous expressions, which viewers can interpret differently; a notion that complements her belief that "Perception is not reality". Dina draws her inspiration from all things, including human interaction and everyday life; sometimes her own imagination. She aspires to keep on creating and learning, and hopes to diversify and take on new and exciting projects.

Instagram: @dinanashif

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dinanashifart/

Email: dina.nashif@yahoo.com

Website: www.dinanashif.gallery