Dominique Holmes

London-based artist Dominique Holmes draws upon her studies in Classics, Art History, and Fine Art, alongside her practise as a tattooer and artist to create artworks which explore concepts of urban spirituality in today’s society, and the intrigue and obsession in the modern age with mythology, superstition and symbology. She works solely by hand, using traditional techniques of pen and ink drawing and a focus on creating shape and texture with line, shunning technology in favour of craft in order to connect with her art in a physical sense. She has exhibited in galleries including Stolen Space, The Brick Lane Gallery and Atomica Gallery in London, and her work has featured in group exhibitions in the US, Paris and Australia. She is currently collaborating with Sculptor and 3D specialist K-Tee on a new artistic venture launching mid-2018.

Her current project, “Serpents” is a collection of drawings which depicts visualisations of mythological serpents and snakes throughout history and folklore, in particular how they intersect with representations of women, sexuality, power and protection. 


Instagram: @domholmestattoo