Edmund Ian Grant

“Art is remedy, poking and prodding the narcissism of censorship and the status quo of ‘ accepted’ thought.”

Edmund lives and paints in the Napa Valley. He is a self-taught painter who for years was an improvisational musician. At first, his paintings centered on his musical avocation;  he has continued to evolve his imagery and emerge as a storyteller employing his love for improvisation with paint, new media, color, texture, and line.

 Presently, he is an Internationally collected, award winning artist whose extensive exhibitions over the last 30 years include shows in many USA cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco and New York, and International cities – Florence, Milan, Monte Carlo, Tel Aviv, Venice, London and Paris. He has exhibited along with some of the world’s top galleries at many prestigious art fairs including The LA Art Show, Art Aspen, Art Monaco and Concept Art Fair-Miami during Art Basel week. Among his numerous awards is the Leonardo Award, First Prize in Painting, the top honor at the International Biennale of Chianciano 2015 and most recently, Second Prize in Painting at the London Art Biennale 2019. His work is in numerous catalogues, art books and publications including a critical essay by world-renowned art historian and art critic Edward Lucie-Smith who calls his art “powerful”. Grant has gallery representation in Manhattan , London , and Berlin.


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