Elvie Zell

I live and work in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cleveland State University, and built a career as an enamelist, selling my work nationally and internationally.  Several years ago I decided to change direction and return full time to painting and drawing.  

I operate in an improvisational mode, starting with a color, a shape, or an image, and letting the work choose direction.  I experiment with acrylics, oil stick, flashe, acrylic marker, colored pencil, graphite, collage and machine stitching, on canvas, paper, and fabric.  I create digital images that I print and incorporate as collage elements or use as a background for drawings and collages.  

After many years focused on one medium, the freedom of experimentation is exhilarating.  I am able to enjoy the creative process and be surprised with the result.  My enameling work was on a very small scale, requiring a fastidious attention to detail.  I enjoy working larger and looser now, but maintain a high standard for execution and professionalism.

Website: www.elviezell.com