Emily LaCour

Emily LaCour’s work has been exhibited throughout the nation in galleries, fairs, and contemporary art centers such as Susan Eley Fine Art in New York, Contemporain Gallery in Baton Rouge, Aqua Art Fair in Miami, and the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe. She received her BFA in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University then continued her studies as a fellow of the Meadows School of Art at Southern Methodist University where she was awarded her MFA in 2014. She lives cyclically between Texas and Louisiana, where she works as an active advocate for art education both privately and through universities. She travels for lectures, workshops, and is featured in several painting publications including Manifest publication’s International Painting Annual. 

Through private video followed by actions in paint, she reperforms memories, reanimates memory, and analyzes the role of the woman’s body as an emotive conduit. With the language of painting, the ambiguous narrative of bodies in space is held in a tension filled state of becoming. She engages the gesture of ritual, the gesture of the pictorial figure, personal memories and collective ones, and her direct actions in paint.  The lens of the camera and an accumulated imaginary space creates an objectivity that is intrinsically bound to her subjectivity. The work is an inbetween space, perpetually moving in and out between tactile evidence of her mark making and dream like pictorial and familiar imagery.