Erika Holm Petré

Erika Holm Petré is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting with photography at a young age she has developed her artistic language over the years, using both analogue and digital techniques. With a strong social and human interest she finished her studies in Social Anthropology at the University of Stockholm in 2015 earning her Bachelor of Arts. She is now active as a photographer living in Berlin, Germany, working with both documentary photography and digital photoart and has exhibited around Europe in galleries such as House of Culture in Stockholm and Brick Lane Gallery in London. 

Artist statement

It is quite recently that I discovered the pleasure in creating with Photoshop, my love has always been strong for the analogue technique but the freedom in digital photoart speaks to me. The works shown here are all portraits of either me or persons that mean a lot to me. I find peace in creating something completely new out of a seemingly ordinary photograph. New shapes, patterns and even creatures form as I add layer on layer. It keeps me happy and curious. 


Instagram @erikaholmpetre