Estela Gález

Estela Gález is a passionate artist  based in Madrid (Spain), where she was born. She has spent her whole life learning new plastic techniques with several artists and looking for different ways of expression which will let her develop her artistic language to reflect in her paintings those moments she captures in her heart. Moments, emotions and feelings transformed into colours, textures, layers, shapes, drops, splashes,...

She is a wine lover, figurative lover, abstract lover, colours lover, new techniques lover…, and she always tries to join all her passions on her paintings and overcome new challenges during each creation. That makes each of her artworks a unique mix of colours, energy, creativity and emotions.

She has jumped into the international market exhibiting not only in several cities, art fairs and galleries in Spain but also in other countries such as England, France, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania and USA.


Instagram: @estelagalez_art

Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter : @estelagalez