Eva Rossi-Kivimäki

A self taught artist, born in Finland, Master's degree in English Filology,

After having lived in nine countries on four continents my husband and I have settled on a farm in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain region between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

While living in Miami  I started working with  stained glass and during the past 25 years done stained glass modifying the Tiffany technique to make wall panels, learning soldering to make sculptures and during the past three years I have been creating mixed media mosaics using mostly Brazilian semiprecious stones and minerals.

My work is been shown in galleries and art fairs in Brazil, Europe, Japan and the United States. I work mainly from Brazil and Italy.

Artist's Statement:

My art is an expression of how the mysteries of life affect me, the materials direct me to which mystery, the night sky, joy, birth, nature and energies that surround us, the "the Cosmic Loneliness", serenity, peace, love...