Fatinha Ramos

Fatinha Ramos is a Antwerp-based illustrator and visual artist originally from Portugal. Her work takes us on a journey through her imaginary world of singular textures and rich color pallet, with surreal compositions that create an emotive and fascinating universe. Her work has been internationally recognised by Society of Illustrators New York; 3x3 Magazine; Global Illustration Award; Communication Arts; Nami Concours...etc. Fatinha has worked her magic on children books, covers, posters, editorial and animations. Her latest children ́s book is published by MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art New York. 


Thirty-nine years ago I was born with thirty bone fractures. My odds to survive were pretty low.
But I turned out to be a ghter. 

I tracked down the crack that let the light in. I found my lucky escape. 

Drawing is my positive shield, a lter through which I see the world.
A happy voyeur, who – maybe because of my handicap – got the freedom to make my own idiom.
It’s allowed me to be my true self.
Damaged but powerful.
I know there is beauty in imperfection. 

Website: http://fatinha.com
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fatinharamos/ 

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