Gabi Domenig

Born in Lienz, East Tyrol. Graduation at the trade academy Lienz. AuPair in London and Rome. Two years of studies at the University of Salzburg. Change to the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg. 1994 Return to Lienz. Employee of the Osttirol Werbung and later on in the family business. 

Seminars in coloring, drawing, composition and nude painting. Raddle, charcoal and pastel chalk on paper and primed wooden boards were the working materials in the nineties. First exhibition 1999. Since 2000 acrylic painting on canvas. Some individual exhibitions. Numerous participations in projects, national and international group exhibitions in galleries and art fairs in Austria, Germany,France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Brazil.

You can find my pictures in renowned national and international art books, art magazines, online galleries and private collections in Austria and abroad. International awards. 2017 Finalist at the Global Art Award with the picture * PARADISE MADONNA *.

My family, my friends and my painting are my life. For me painting is energy source, balance and necessity. My style is attributed to Neo-Expressionism because of the figuration and the strong color palette. The central theme of my mostly large-format acrylic paintings is always the woman again. Facetted, emotionally filled, often fairy-tale and mysterious snapshots between dream and reality, which should captivate the viewer. Colorful and life-affirming, touching and connecting, aesthetic and respectful.

A tribute to life, to love, to nature, and especially  a tribute to all the women in the world who do great things and jobs. In work and in the family. With lots of heart, soul and with lots of energy. Tireless for their beloved. My favorite  singer ZUCCHERO Sugar Fornaciari sings in his song   NEVER IS A MOMENT  *From your head down to your toes, you are so beautiful divine ... 

In this way every man should sing of his wife, feel for her, carry her on hands. I want to tell stories. As in the past twenty years, I will continue to paint women for the most part. Strong and vulnerable, happy and sad, self-centered and excited, shy and courageous , extroverted and introverted, longing, proud, sensual and spiritual, free and feathery like a bird, moving and resting surrounded by flowers and plants, accompanied by colorful birds and  animals, always on the border between dream and reality.