Gia Strauss

Gia Strauss was born in Jerusalem to a Swiss German mother and a South African father on February 6 1988. Growing up in Israel during the Intifada, she endured a particularly difficult childhood. She then moved with her mother and siblings to Zanzibar where she spent a number of years. Returning to Israel she attended drama school in Tel Aviv, before moving to London in 2009 where she began to develop her talents as an artist focusing on painting, filmmaking and music (piano). Following Foundation studies in Art and Design at UAL, Gia obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmith in 2017. She has since continued her studies and is at present working toward her MRes in Moving Image at Central Saint Martins.

Gia has been producing work prolifically for the past ten years. She has participated in a wide range of successful exhibitions showing her paintings and films in London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Gia is an outgoing, creative young woman with firm views about contemporary art. Although highly imaginative, she considers her work to be ‘classical’ in nature in that it is always based on a clear strategy and a bold, single-minded idea. Gia likes to portray an orthodox, sometimes surrealistic image of her herself and currently has a fascination with Georgian attire and dresses accordingly. 

Gia became a British citizen earlier this year.


‘We have art so we don’t die of truth’ (Friedrich Nietzsche) 

Transcending the tedium of every day life, the authenticity of great works of art should command recognition. It should never be mundane and should always be thought provoking. This is my goal as an artist. An artist should have the ability to convey visually and with great sensitivity the concerns of life today.
The nature of my work has sometimes been described as ‘Illuministic’, the genre of illuminism. It is perhaps an appropriate label in that the consummate objective of my work is to illuminate the important issues of today through the spectrum of creative insight. In this way I hope to portray from a surrealistic view point an evocative perspective of our times—an indelible portrayal of life during the second decade of the twenty-first century. 

My artistic abilities predominantly reside with films, art performance, paintings and piano compositions.


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