Gita Meh

“Does; Living the Experiencing of the Age of Global Integration, Make’s Earth Our Border?”

The Surrealist Manifesto by the poet Andre Breton was proclaimed in Paris in 1924.  His goal was to liberate thinking, language, and human being and experience from oppressive boundaries, as we are still within those boundaries today. Breton’s revolutionary move towards liberation of the human mind from violence and ignorance echoes throughout my work and is focused in my new series of painthings which in the broadest sense is to create visual thinking. My art attempts to expand surrealism into a merging of cultural differences between East and West, by brushing Earth as one soil, one soul, one word, Salam meaning Hello.  

29 years had passed since I last lived in Iran.  During 29 years of migration, I was able to examine how identity is shaped by differences in language, gender, ethnicity and culture, desire, exile, solitude and freedom, allowing me to re-create my own experience of cross-cultural spaces.  

Finally I came back to Iran, luggage filled with files and memories of half of the globe.  Before her death, my mother was helping me un-pack the geographies, the languages, the many mountains, faces, cultures, brushes, rolls of canvases, eyebrows and tongues that constituted my artistic past practice. Together, we looked at images of so many different kinds of “clouds” on my Apple laptop. I realized then I was Home. And I dedicate this new series of oil paintings titled “Landscape of the Soul” to her who taught me how to make a circle, then a line, then an “i,” then another eye, then a smile.

Oil, soil, dirt, dust, dried leaf, animal hair, on canvas. This is an oil painting series of landscapes that turn into roads, roads which when followed become faces, faces become nests, birds singing love songs which soon transform into soil and into another face after another tree, after another eye, watching, rain drops, growing.

“Landscape of Soul”, examines with oil on canvas the fact that Art is a nourishing phenomenon, a meta-milk, if you will.  The art and the act of painting is a duplication of mental pixels, a pattern the creator sets out to translate and to exhibit meaning into visual form.  I want my art to ignite and to awaken spectators from the memory pixels of their own unconscious, and to bring these collective archetypes into illuminated experiences.

Also I would like to thank my  mentors, teachers, family, colleagues and supporters, who, with their extraordinary insight and understanding, have given me the ability and the courage to bring my vision into a tangible reality in all ways.  -- Gita Meh

Bano0 Sahra, Iran, 2016

Inspired by:

My Mother, Nourisher, Teacher, Mentor, Critic and Guide, FateMeh ChavMeh.  For Her Love and Dedication to Art, History, World Literature, Sciences, Cultural Studies and Politics, all that which took me around the globe in search of myself.  

My Mentor, Jon Wagner.  For Gifting Me with Creative and Critical Thinking,  Writing and the Notion of Global Integration.  Madness and Modernity, Jalaledin Rumi, Globalization. 


“Think Locally, is To Act Globally.”

Jam Jar Gallery | Dubai, UAE  | 2009

Curated by:  Zsuzsanna Sarossy

“Nations, Water, Cultures.”

United Nations Headquarter, N.Y.,N.Y. 

Mail Art Project, A Group Exhibition  |  2013

Curated by:  Stefan Balgo, President of the Inter-Art- Foundation, Romania


1997       MFA, Pending, California Institute of The Arts, Creative & Critical Writing/Integrated Media

                Program, Valencia, CA 

1996    BFA, Visual Arts Program, California Institute of The Arts

1992    P’ART, Professor Bernd Mac, Stuttgart, Germany

1989    Freie Kunstschule, Zuffenhausen, Germany 

1983       Academia Delle Belle Arti, Three months drawing, Florence, Italy

1981    Azadegan, School of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran 

1976    Private Studies, Professor Petgar, Abbas Abad, Tehran

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017    We Are Travelers on Earth, Not Wreckers, Afrand Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    We Are Travelers on Earth, Not Wreckers, Ghaem Maghami Cultural Center, Karaj, Iran 

We Are Travelers on Earth, Not Wreckers, Library of the Martyrs, Cultural Center, Banoo Sahra, Iran

2011    I Command, Painthings, Cuadro Fine Arts Gallery, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, UAE

2010    Sweet City, An installation, Dubai International Financial Center, Permanent Collection, Dubai, UAE

Sculpthers, Burj Khalifa Private Collection, On Permanent Display, 134th Floor, Dubai, UAE

2009    Silent Voices, Mixed media Painthings, Carbon 12 Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2008     27 Years of Migration, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Soffreh, Meaning Tablecloth, Digestible art, Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Soffreh, Meaning Tablecloth, Digestible art, Basement Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Barbie’s Relocated, Photography, Focus Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Migratory Patterns, Painthings, Hoor Gallery, Tehran, IRAN

2006    Passage, Paintings, Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

                Metamorphosis, Paintings, Athens Art Space Gallery, Athens, GREECE

2005      No Stopping In Searching, Paintings, Polytropon Gallery, Kalamata, GREECE

2003    Soffreh, Digestible art, Inmo Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

                 Soffreh, Digestible art, Inmo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2002    Chadoor Study, Paintings, Drawings, Installations, Watt Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

1999    Say Ya Ali Then Exit On Exile, Paintings, Khane-ye Honarmandan-e IRAN   

1991       Wounded Wishes, Painthings, Art Gallery, Den Huge, NEDERLAND’S

1990      I Formed My Arch, Painthings, Gallery Shilling, Schorndorf, GERMANY

Selected Group Exhibition

2018     Soft Silence of The Arts, meetiNG art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2017     Earth; Landscape of Soul, Salwa Zeidan gallery, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, booth x2-05, Abu Dhabi, UAE


2017    Suitcase, Afrand Fine Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016    We Are Travelers on Earth, Not Wreckers, Spectrum Miami, Art Box Projects, Miami, USA

Landscape of Soil, Meeting Art gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2013     Nations, Water, Culture, Painthing, United Nations Headquarters, N.Y, N.Y

                Landscape of Home, Parallex Art Fair, London, UNITED KINGDOM

2012        Our Mothers Bed, Auction House, Young Collectors, Fundraising for children with special need, Dubai, UAE

2011        I Command, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, UAE

               Women of My Lands, Opera Gallery, Standard Charter, Fundraising for Blind Children, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

2010    My Universe, Painthings, Holbein Gallery, Hannover, GERMANY

Resurrection des Mannequins, Painthings, Portfolio Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Our Mothers Bed, Emirati Women Expression, United Nation Head Quarter, New York, USA

AlefBa Meaning Alphabet, Photography, Salwa Zeiden Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2009    SIMORGH, To Act Locally Is To Think Globally, Green Visions, Art Oasis, Dubai, UAE

Soffreh, Digestible art, Sharjah Biennial 09, Sharjah, UAE

    Sculpthers, Bastakiya Art Fair, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2008    Barbie’s Relocated, START annual exhibition, Children With Special Needs, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

No Flag, Just Love, Conventions and Attitudes, a projected exhibition, Group Trade and Row, New York, USA

No Flag, Just Love, Conventions and Attitudes, a projected exhibition, Group Trade and Row, Los Angeles, CA

Barbie’s Relocated, Slick Art Fair, Paris, FRANCE

Alef Ba, Meaning Alphabet, XVA Gallery, Creek Art Fair, Dubai, UAE

Vibrations Withtin, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Women of My Lands, Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai Art Fair, UAE

2007       Poetics Painted, Contemporary Museum of Art, MOCA Tehran, Eight Biennale of Iranian Painters, Tehran, IRAN

Women of My Lands, Be Creative, Dubai Ladies Club, Dubai, UAE

               In The Streets of Liberty, Gallery One, San Francisco, USA

2007     Work and Survivor, Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA at the Geffen Contemporary, Audio installation,

              Project Susan Lacy, Los Angeles, USA

              In the Hanging Garden, Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

              Fragments and Colors, Regent Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

              From Kabba to N.Y, Red Dot Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2006    Unusual, Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2005     Seven Sins, Pacific Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA

2004     Apple, paintings & installation, Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2003     Namaz a Trilingual Prayer, video installation, 18th street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, CA

              Soffreh, video installation, Freewaves, Los Angeles, USA

2003     Chadoor, performance art, Cross Roads, Los Angeles, USA

2002     Chadoor, performance, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, USA

2001     Overflowing, AlefBa meaning Alphabet, Bergamot Station, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2001     Chadoor, performance, Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

              Alef Ba Meaning Alphabt, Artists/Writing/Reading Room III, Side Street Project, Los Angeles, CA

2000     In Between Alphabets, paintings, House of Iranian Artists, Tehran, IRAN

1997      Semi Skin, video projection, LETIT BE, Film & Video Festival, Los Angeles, USA

1993     Title me not, Women Exhibition, Tehran, IRAN

1991     Simorgh, Contemporary Museum of Art, MOCA Tehran, First Biennial of Iranian Painters, Tehran, IRAN

1990    Iranian Art Expo, Selected paintings, Gallery Sadaghdar, Tehran, IRAN


2018    Soft Silence of the Arts, Group exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Artists, meetiNG Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2007    Migration Study, A group exhibition, Co Curator: Shadi Harooni, Phantom galleries LA, Los Angeles, CA


2010    The Reflective Mirrors, United Nations Head Quarters, New York, USA

Sweet City, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, UAE

2009    A Green Vision, Art Oasis, Dubai, UAE

                Provisions, Sharjah Biennial 09, Sharjah, UAE

2008    27 Years of Migration, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Soffreh Meaning Tablecloth in Farsi, Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Migratory Patterns, Hoor Gallery, Tehran, IRAN

2007    Sin, Cover Art, Book of Poetry, Poems of Forugh Farokhzad, Translated by Sholeh Wolpe, Los Angeles, CA

Vibrations Within, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2006    Metamorphoses, Seyhoon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005    How a House became Home and Home a Temple, Los Angeles, CA

At Time Attar, At Time at Far, Persian Heritage, Poem, Vol. 10, No. 40 winter, Passaic, NJ, USA

2001    Alefba Meaning Alphabet, Limited Edition, Los Angeles, CA

1982    Alefba, Children’s book, Vezarate Ershade Eslami, Tehran, IRAN


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Grants |  Scholarships  |  Sponsors

2010-14     Fereidoon Farjam, Dubai, UAE

2002-06   Watt Industries, Watt Commercial, Watt Family, Los Angeles, CA

1997      Lulu May & Richard Von Hagen

1996      California Institute of the Arts

1995         National Art Association 

     Ahmenson Foundation

     California Institute of the Arts

1994     National Art Association

1993     California Institute of the Arts

1992     Irvine Foundation

1991     Cultural Attaché of Iran, Köln, Germany


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