Grace Green

Grace Green, British, studied painting at Falmouth School of Art 2013-2016. Currently painting in Somerset, England. 



26th – 29th July 2018. The Other Art Fair at The Passenger Shed, Bristol. 

25th April – 7th May 2018. Contemporary Painting at Brick Lane Gallery, London.


23rd September- 8th October 2017.  Somerset Arts Week at Millhouse Arts, Somerset.

1st February – 1st March 2017.  Yeovil Natural and Holistic Health Center Exhibition. Somerset.

17th September – 2nd October 2017.  Open Studio, Somerset Arts Week in Barrington, Somerset. 

3rd June – 6th June 2016. Falmouth School of Art Degree Show 2016. Falmouth, Cornwall. 

3rd – 18th October 2015. ‘Momentum’ – Somerset Arts Week. Barrington Court, National Trust.

15th March 2015. ‘Schism’ at The Poly Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Artistic Career alongside painting. 

June 2017 – October 2017

Assistant to Alexa De Ferranti towards The Harvest Film Festival 2017 - Lower Hewood Farm, Chard. 

June 2017 - August 2017

Assistant to Carolyn Lefley's 'Water, Meadow, Wood' Residency

Somerset Art Works - Yeovil, Somerset

April 2012  

Installation Team of 40,000 clay figures.

Antony Gormley's 'Field for The British Isles' - Barrington Court, Somerset

Grace’s paintings focus on the fruitfulness and fecundity of life in all its forms but principally the absorption in organic growth. Considering the idea of a glasshouse acting as an incubator to the plants, protecting them from harsher climates, they create a safe place to enable plants to nourish and grow, much like the mother’s womb.  Sometimes the abstracted plant forms represent in my mind the microscopic cell structures in nature. 

Sometimes less organic forms such as chicken- wire have been introduced as a reminder of constraints that are placed by man over nature. But throughout the primary desire is for focusing on growth, nurture, transformation, and more recently a figure is present, introducing the feeling of interaction between human and nature. Colour is paramount both referentially and in its pure, abstract state.