Gro Folkan

Gro Folkan, born 15-08-1949,  Oslo, Norway, now lives in Oslo and Tromsoe, Norway. He was educated at National Art Academy in Oslo.

Gro debuted in 1967, since then around he had 24 large solo exhibitions in Norway, including the leading galleries in Oslo. And several groups exhibitions in Norway and abroad, and decoration assignments and projects.

Public Purchases by the National Gallery, Oslo. Museum of Contemporary Art ,Oslo. National Bank of Norway, Universities, Official institutions and others.

Art is a language, each piece of art a statement. My pictures are often abstract, not nonfigurative , but abstract – extracting or emphasizingcertain aspects of the idea or structure at hand. As in ”Femal Rune”- The runes originally being magic symbols to enable contact with that which is not obviously visible.

I am now working towards three solo exhibitions - Two in Norway in 2017 and one in New York(february 2019).