Gunilla Klemendz

Born in the region of Skane in Sweden. Second child of a Swedish mother and a Danish father. Graduated at the University of Lund, DDC. Odont lic.

Seminars in drawing, nude painting, sculpturering and glazing. First exhibition in 2010. Some individual exhibitions, numerous participations in projects, national and international group exhibitions in galleries, and art fairs in Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Germany. Invited to galleri in N.Y. USA  in November, 2018.

You can find examples of my art in international art books, art magazines, online galleries and private collections in Sweden and abroad.

International awards/distinctions:

-Contemporaries at Uffizi Florens (EA) (2016)

-The best Modern and Contemporary Artists (Russo, EA, Art int) (2016)

-Galileo Galilei art price, Pisa (2017)

-Dante Alighieri price, Peschiera (2017)

-The best Modern and Contemporary Artists (EA) (2017)

-International prize, Andrea Mantegna (2017)

-The Warriors of Riace 2017, Academia Italia inArte nel Mondo ass. Culturale (2017)

In my work as an artist, I move at the border between reality and fantasy in strong colours typical of the Swedish region of Skane. Ever since I was a child, I have had a interest in drawing and painting. This interest has grown into a deep passion for sculpturing and I have been working with stonewear for the last 20 years. I also like to experiment and mix materials and I sometimes use metal in my pieces. The creative process fills me with true happiness, something that I hope to reflect in my art.

I find inspiration by studying people in different situations, not least during long walks by the Baltic Sea. A key element in many of my pieces are leaves of some kind, and I like to imagine things that might be hidden underneath a fallen leaf. It could be a special feeling or an occation. I never calculate in advance. I just let the feelings and colors come out in the creative moment. It is like a meditative state of mind.