Gustavs Filipsons


Born in 1974. 

When I was a child, I was deeply inspired by the cities old architecture and its different moods in different seasons.At that time everything seemed to live its own life and had its special spirit. Dark Jugend style houses in Autumn evenings became alive in feeble lamplight,which was swinging in the wind above the street. Those mythical siluets and symbols at that time had much greater influence on me than the by passing Soviet Era. In 2004 I acquired Masters degree in painting,Latvian Academy of Art. My statement as an artist is : "When painting communicate the inner realm of self, cross the boundries of human mind, touch the Soul and find revelation through artwork." Abstract Art is the means for me to let the spectator widen his or her perception of ones self and the spiritual Universe it inhabits.The sole intention and porpose of my work is to communicate the unknown in my subcounscious mind, to find the connection with our ,as humans, true self, which I believe is something in common, we all posess. 

I am inspired by great artists such as K.Malevic, W.Kandinsky, F.Kline, Willem de Kooning, M.Chagall. My painting technique is to paint unintentionally, covering layer by layer until the actual artwork arises.I am interested in "the pure logic" of interconnection of the certain images that have aroused in the process, most of it beeing spontanious. I have been selected as artist in "Internationale Kunst Heute 2016"," Inernational Kunst Heute 2017" curated by I.Gardill and M.Kolle, "The best modern and Contemporary artists 2016"curated by Salvatore Russo,I have represented Latvia in art fairs "Art Moscow 2013","Art Riga Fair 2014", Art Vilnius 2016".