Hanna Lamnaouer

Born 1978 in Salo, Finland. 

For artist Hanna Lamnaouer, art is a way to love, care and think. Experiencing reality depends deeply on artistic interest. She works with oil and aquarelle and often uses photographs as a starting-point of her work. Sometimes her painting develope from a special atmosphere, and every so often she transforms some sceneries towards a mesmeric, calm, wistful and dream-like vision. 

“I love to paint, because while working, I am in harmony. I hope that my paintings can reflect even a little bit that pure state of mind.” Lamnaouer gets her inspiration from creativity, from the moments when everything around her is seen in relation to painting. Everything radiates meaningfulness, when the reality is filtered through artistic expression − compared and contrasted to it. 

In her painting, Lamnaouer reaches out to the mystical side of reality. Her main subjects are humanity and the nature. Vast sky, calm water, gloomy forests and people offer the most alluring motifs. 

Blurring, soft merging and misty impressions show the reality as in constant move and development. ”In art, I am fascinated by the destruction of the solid and the endurance of the flowing. I avoid stagnation because halted portrayal can be oppressive. Stillness is something else. I believe that there is energy in everything and that is a good reason to respect and cherish every material phenomenon. 

Website: http://www.hannalamnaouer.fi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannalamnaouer/