Hasti Sardashti

About Hasti Sardashti

An Iranian born artist living in London. She is always on the move. Moving through time and  spaces of body & mind. Making art is for Hasti an attempt to stay in here & now -a vital practice to maintain stability, calm and fluidity in daily life. Making art is for Hasti like belonging to a place, having a home , like having a space where she can connect to the most genuine of herself and her immediate existence.


The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery London Feb 2019

Wynwood art Fair Miami/ Seidel Contemporary Feb 2019

Aqua Art Miami/Steidel Contemporary Gallery Dec 2018

The other Art fair Bristol July 2018

The ArtBox Gallery Zurich May 2018
The Art-Box Projects NYC March 2018
The Other Art Fair NYC November 2017

Website: www.hastisardashti.art

Facebook: HdotSardashti

Instagram: @Sardashat