He Ping

He Ping, an artist born in Shanghai, has learned to draw exquisite and changeable paintings from traditional calligraphy art and modern expressionism. The architecture of traditional Chinese calligraphy lays the basis for He Ping’s pattern creation, whose figures are presented in a minimalist manner. By applying numerous performance techniques, He Ping sometimes sketches abstract skeletons with light, fast lines, whilst sometimes paints complicated compositions with thick ink and heavy colors. With neat, simple backgrounds, He ping highlights the gradually changing colors and the dynamics of the arc.

Every stroke seems clear and full, generating a visual impact maximally. In addition to colors, texture also plays an important role in his works, with thin blocks as light as the yarn, and the heavily layered-up paint looking like a hill protruding from the canvas. The application of geometrical figures by traditional Chinese calligraphy, as sublimed and interpreted by the painter, leads to satisfactory results equal to Kandinsky’s cubism. He Ping’s creation is not only distinguished from Western painting arts, but is also considered an independent school in Modern Chinese fine arts, with a creativity and comprehensiveness that allowed him to reserve and blend the essence of Chinese and Western arts in his paintings. 

E-mail: phelley_he@163.com

Web site: http://artistpinghe.tumblr.com