Henrik Brondsted

Photographer with a MA in film and communication and has been teaching visual art at the University of Copenhagen.


Portraits of tv-hostes at Danish Television News Department

Coverphotos for danish musicians 

Posters for danish, british and french artists and lots of portraits of known and unknown people. 

Competitions, exhibitions, books among other:

2018    Gallery Rossocinabro, Rome. Parallax Art Fair, London, First Berliner Art Book

2017     Trienberg Super Circuit, Mini print of Cadaques, Festival in Sigean, France

  2016     State of the Art Volume IV, The First Berliner Art Book, 3 exhibitions in Sigean

2015     ”Flou – le temps d’un Geste” Sigean, 14 Special Themes Circuit, 

    State of the Art, Volume III, Saison Trois, Galerie du Château

2014     Al Thani Award, State of the Art Volume II, ”Brume et Brouillard” ,

    Mini Print of Cadaques, ”Portes et Fenêtres” Sigean, Copenhagen Photo Festival

    Trienberg Special Themes Circuit.

2013     Photo Art Championship, Special Themes Circuit, 


solo exhibitions in France, Austrian Super Circuit 1995-1999, Special Themes from 2004, Motiva 2001,

Gold Medal for best black and white portrait. 

”Henrik is photographing with the heart. With a traditional camera and film Henrik Brondsted creates poetic realism in his pictures, He has the special gift of catching the moment and make people open themselves ” so they wrote in Danish Television’s journal.

Ever since the time I bought my first Leica M3 – at the age of 15 -I have been focusing on the human face and the female body. Still doing portraits I am also working with pictures where identity fades to give place to a feeling of duration. Long exposure and grains. 

There is so much reality and sharpness in photography and I am going another way, a way where my aim is to add poetry to the pictures.

Visual poetry. Putting together different parts that do not logically belong together. Create a feeling, a sentiment, a story beyond reality. 

Email: henrik@henrikbrondsted.com   

Website: www.henrikbrondsted.com