Henrik Brondsted

Henrik Brondsted, danish artist born in Copenhagen 1. june 1942.. He is vice-president of an Art Association in France. He has a MA in film and communication and has been teaching visual art at the University of Copenhagen. He has for many years exhibited in galleries in Denmark and France. He has participated and been nominated in several competitions: Photo Art Championship, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Trienberg Special Themes Circuit, Mini Print International of Cadaques, Al Thani Award and others. He has made portraits of tv-hostes and hostesses from Danmarks Radios News Department and cover-portraits of musicians. He got his first portrait-commission at the age of 15 and, as someone has said, "he photographs with the heart". He has won a gold medal for best black and white portrait. He prefers to work with film and his Leica M3 but In recent years he has been experimenting with digital photos and is using a Canon 5D Mark ii.  

The human face and the female body has always fascinated me. Every time I have a photo-shootingand meet a new person I try to approach him or her like you would do if you were an ethnograph trying to describe the life of a unknown tribe. Every person is a "white spot" on my inner map. I have been working very much with black and white pictures filled with contrast - rich black and shining white. At the moment I am working with time and identity. When you use long exposure you feel time and duration and at the same time identity seems to vanish giving place, I hope, to some sort of poetry. Photography is and has always been realism, you can not like a painter paint whatever you like where ever you are. But realism can be too accurate, the pictures too sharp, so I try to deform reality, add something else. Poetry? I hope.     

Email: henrik@henrikbrondsted.com 

Website: www.henrikbrondsted.com