Hitoshi Tsuboyama

Born in 1981 in Japan. Enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2004, majoring in oil painting. Completed Master’s Degree Program at the same university in 2010. The main characteristic of his works lies in the unique sense of space that he produces. In his work, he is testing a new (neutral) approach to space, bringing together a Western three-dimensional style of painting with an Oriental planar style of painting. Together with considering the possibilities of paintings, Tsuboyama is aiming to give new perspectives to those who view his paintings. 

Low Resolution Realism

For me, painting space in front of the viewer’s eyes is the very process of created works. The way how they see is not already by the artist, but it is clarified in the eyes and brain of them. Originally, realism in painting is a technique that approaches the target by raising resolution as much as possible, but I drastically reduce the resolution in my work to encourage viewer’s complementation and correction in the brain. I am pursuing my own realism in paintings by creating color and form for that. At the same time, the screen increases abstract planarity as the viewers physically come closer. While going back and forth between three-dimensional and planarity, I present a new viewpoint from the neutral area on the existence and the diversity of the essence.

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