Hsi Chun Huang

Hsi Chun Huang (1985) was born in Taipei, Taiwan.
After getting an art degree at the National Taiwan University of Arts, Hsi Chun chose Europe as a starting point to begin his full-time creation in 2013. He loves to observe and portray the moments that touch him in his daily life, obsessed with just saving bits of memories, of moments in time.

In 2014, he headed to Melbourne and started his life as a street artist and he also started actively participating in art activities locally, including being a member of Art Studio, Artist Market, Melbourne Arts Club group exhibitions and the Melbourne Fringe Festival ’14 street event. Moreover, in a competition with thousands of other artists, he was selected as one of the artists whose art pieces were to be exhibited in the Brunswick Street Gallery. 

Hsi Chun's meticulous strokes conjure his delicate senses alive, to create his works with qualities of warmth and beautiful sense of light, environment. These everyday sceneries become vibrant under his paintbrush, and create an intimacy that engages the audiences to enjoy a world of imagination in their own perspectives. Or when they read his comments of those moments, they can experience and feel his emotions of regrets, joy, anger, and excitement...

“ To me, these precious moments that I wish to capture are not the ones that will remind people of the so- called "beautiful sceneries” at their first sight... they are the moments of life, memories, and the people who I met that I wish to keep forever. It's included everything I feel and create the work base on my feeling, be honest with myself. All my works are part of me. ” - Hsi Chun Huang

After holding two exhibitions in his home town Taipei, Hsi Chun went to London to continue his journey in Autumn 2015. Started working as a portrait painter and selling his works in the markets regulary in east London, meanwhile he kept drawing and taking part in fairs and exhibitions. Recent shows include New Artist Fair’s ‘Summer Exhibition’ London 2017; Sweet ‘Arts Party Naughty & Nice Exhibition, London 2017; The Little Big E10 Art Fair, London 2017.

As an artist, Hsi Chun likes being inspired by this world, he has been over 10 countries since his first experience of being a street artist in Paris 2013. After his perious life as a wanderer, he is ready to return to his home town Taipei in Spring 2018, through his paintbrush, proceeding the way he embraces life.

2017【Sweet ‘Arts Party Naughty & Nice Exhibition】Espacio Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2017【New Artist Fair's 'Summer Exhibition' London 2017】Old Truman Brewery, London, United Kingdom 2017【The Little Big E10 Art Fair】Norlington Road Studios, London, United Kingdom
2015【Bee and Hsi Join Exhibition】Minami Zephyr, Taipei, Taiwan
2015【Huang Hsi Chun Solo Exhibition】Warming House, Taipei, Taiwan
2015【Polaroad】Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014【Art on the SPOT 4th OCT】Melbourne Fringe Festival’14, Melbourne, Australia 2014【PAINT】MELBOURNE ARTS CLUB, Ruffian Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014【Small Works 2014 Art Prize】Brunswick Street Gallery, long list, Melbourne, Australia

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Instagram: @hsichunh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huanghsichun/